The Benefits of Coaching

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

by Katrin Sturm

More and more people are working with coaches nowadays. And that's not only athletes.

Personal and business coaching is becoming a more and more popular trend. So how would you benefit from getting a coach yourself you might be wondering?

'Life is like a song, it's up to you and your heart to write the lyrics.' This is often easier said than done.

However, the good news is that there is people out there who can support you along this journey. And this is also called coaching.

In general, a coach can guide you with anything happening in the present or to shape your future by simple asking the right question to find the answers that you already have within you.

Your coach can support you when you are stuck, want to gain more clarity and new perspectives as well as to keep track with any goals you might have in your personal or professional life.

'Life is like a song, it's up to you and your heart to write the lyrics.'

The courageous decision to get a coach shows commitment to change that you want to be held accountable for. It also means to take responsibility for your own life and actions.

As change is often connected to a certain amount of resistance and self-doubt, your coach supports you to start or continue to believe in yourself and your goals while pushing you to new levels that you did not even think were possible before.

Also, the coaching relationship will make you feel safe that you then also take risks in life by actively embracing uncertainties.

Your coach can assist you to connect to your true and authentic self, even discover your true life purpose.

By discovering your values and own definition of success, you will become a happier and more positive person and subsequently make you more self-confident and self-reliant.

This will also help you to live more easily with others by setting healthy boundaries, communicate more effectively and also work more efficiently resulting in better work performance.

'If you don't have a plan yourself, you will become part of somebody else's.

As a coach I have my own coach who helps me to stay on track, keep a healthy balance in life and simply be the best possible coach at this moment in time to ensure a successful coaching relationship with my clients.

I believe that only if you know who you are and where you are going you can truly connect with your clients, family, partner, friends and other people that you want to have in your life.

In the end it solely comes down to yourself and what you make out of life. As the saying goes: 'If you don't have a plan yourself, you will become part of somebody else's.'

So what about yourself?

What benefits have you seen from coaching? What is holding you back today from working with a coach? I would love to hear your thoughts.

The ideas of this article were also published as a 2018 Coach Contributor blog article of the Positive Success Group in Dublin. In order to access their article, please click here.


Katrin Sturm is the founder of The Best Possible You that focuses on personal and business growth.

Katrin is a renowned coach for individuals and corporates specialising in sales and leadership as well as career and personal development. She advises start-ups on their journey to become scale-ups. Katrin also runs retreats with yoga, hiking and mind coaching.

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