Making things happen by overcoming self-limiting beliefs

In life, our career or own business, it is often ourselves that gets in the way of achieving our goals.

Our mind - sometimes unconsciously - holds us back from putting our plans into actions and making our dreams and goals come true.

In coaching we also call them 'self-limiting beliefs'. Your very own belief system, that limits you. From moving forwarding. From doing stuff. From making things happen. From getting there.

I recently overcame one of my biggest self-limiting beliefs myself. I grew up with dogs and everybody who knows me a bit, is aware that I have always dreamed of having my own dog. When I was still in the corporate world up to 2 years ago, I always said I would get a dog once I no longer have an office job.

After I quit my office job, I started my own business and was off traveling for 6 months spending most of the time in one of my favourite countries New Zealand. So again, not the perfect timing. Once I was back, the next self-limiting belief - or should I call it 'excuse'? - kicked in. I am renting, so I still cannot have a dog.

Until the day, when I decided to make 'having a dog' an actual goal and put a deadline next to it: 2020. I want to have a dog in 2020! And I also talked about this with my partner, friends

etc. And once you put the word out there, things start to fall into place and you automatically make yourself accountable for your goal.

It was when my partner asked me last year in October on where I stand with this (and no, he is/was not a big fan of dogs :p) that I made the decision that the time has come to have this conversation with our land lady. And yes, it did feel weird and way too early (we have only moved in beginning of the year... and obviously... what if she said no?)

But I also realised if I'm not asking, it is going to be a no anyway! And would you 'believe' it or not? She accepted! And now I finally had the 'permission' to have a dog in my life... or should I rather say I gave 'myself' the permission to have one? I'll let you decide...

And here I am sitting with my boy Brody, who makes me smile every single day since we got him back in January. I couldn't be more grateful to have him in my life right now!

We often believe that 'once' something is in place or happens in the future, we will be happy.

Give ourselves permission. Be able to do something. Postpone and procrastinate waiting for a better time or place.

What if she would have said no? Well, you know... I have always wanted to buy my own property...! ;)

So long story short, there's never the perfect time for anything. So get over yourselves and DO things. Make them happen... or ask yourself what is holding YOU back in your mind?

Have a great week everyone!


Katrin Sturm is the founder of The Best Possible You, a company that helps individuals and companies to take their career and business to the next level while keeping your personal development and wellbeing in mind.

Katrin is a renowned coach for leaders, entrepreneurs and women empowerment as well as personal growth and wellbeing. She also advises start-ups to scale-ups.

As a retreat leader, Katrin hosts Digital Detox Retreats with mind coaching in beautiful nature in Bavaria, Germany and Ireland.

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