How to make the best out of the Coronavirus situation

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland!🇨🇮

Although this day might be spent a little different today than you had initially planned... just like myself.

How are you coping with the current circumstances? While there is a lot of different messaging and advice out there, here is how I deal with the current situation...

I was meant to run our first Digital Detox Retreat in Ireland over this St. Patrick's Day weekend and while uncertainty and government restrictions rose even further last week, we decided with a heavy heart to postpone it in the end until further notice.

My (replacement) yoga teacher said: 'You must be disappointed!' And my response was 'I'm actually not to be honest... as I get to enjoy a long weekend off now instead where I can focus on recharging my own batteries and take care of myself'.

The last couple of weeks have been getting quite busy for me with the business and I started to feel slightly overwhelmed with recent activities and demand.

Now is the time to slow down and focus on what's really important - from a personal and business perspective! We often get side tracked by things we think we have to do and keep on running in the rat race that we seem to be in today's modern world.

I have worked in a high pressure and highly dynamic corporate environment beforehand and one of the reasons I chose to start my own business was to keep a more balanced lifestyle.

For me, Coronavirus is just a reminder for us human beings that we cannot continue the pace we currently live and work in.

While some weeks ago we did not hear anything else than our climate crisis... suddenly, everybody has already forgotten about it. (Social) media does not help in creating fear and pre-occupying our mind with certain things.

However, nature is breathing again.

With some companies on hold or office staff working from home resulting in less commutes, the air is getting cleaner and mother earth is actually recovering - while for once - we human beings suffer.

So how are you coping with the current situation?

Here are few personal tips on how to make the best out of these challenging and uncertain times:

1. Focus on what's really important. Your own health and the people around you. Your health is your new wealth.

2. Keep a positive mindset. Instead of focusing on immediate sufferings, try to look at the opportunities that this situation creates.

3. Let's support each other. When was the last time you had a chat with your neighbours or offered help to somebody that you don't know?

4. Actively reduce screen time. While spending most of your time at home now, it's even more tempting to scroll through (social) media and watch television, which can enhance any fear or anxiety in uncertain times.

5. Do the things that you have always put off. Read a book. Play a game. Call a friend or family member. Clean your house. Go for a walk (while you can). Sleep. Do an online course. Try a new recipe. Plant some vegetables or herbs. Work 'on the business' instead of 'in' the business.

Live in the present moment... and start seeing the current situation as a disguised opportunity!

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Be safe everyone 🙏


Katrin Sturm is the founder of The Best Possible You that focuses on personal, career and business growth.

Katrin is a renowned coach for individuals and corporates specialising in sales and leadership as well as career and personal development. She also advises start-ups to scale-ups.

As a retreat leader, Katrin hosts Digital Detox Retreats with yoga, nature walks & hiking and mind coaching.

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