8 tips on how to run productive online workshops and virtual team offsites

Team or company 'offsites' were essential for a successful company. Many of them have been cancelled or postponed due to the recent pandemic.

Now more than ever, virtual group sessions with your team or company are a key part of today's leadership and company culture.

At The Best Possible You we have been facilitating and hosting virtual team offsite, online workshops and group coaching sessions to help our customers to keep their team spirit up and employee engagement high over the last couple of months.

Our founder Katrin Sturm has spoken at several online events and ran interactive online workshops with up to 25 people.

Below are 8 useful tips to ensure successful group online sessions based on her own experience:

1. Set clear ground rules in terms of how participants are expected to communicate and engage with each other.

2. Use the chat function, polls or breakout rooms to make it interactive and keep participation to keep your audience's attention.

3. Allow for more discussion time and less presentation time. Let the participants engage with each other and deliver some input instead of making it a speaker monologue.

4. Assign clear roles on who handles the technology incl. screen sharing, monitoring chat and “raise hands” while the speaker or facilitator can focus on the content and agenda.

5. Partner with an external business partner regarding session topics, input and team building activities based on your team's and company's needs.

6. Make it an ongoing practice with individual CTAs and accountability follow up for maximum impact instead of a once off event.

7. Allow for frequent breaks. We are all familiar with the phenomena of the so called 'Zoom fatigue' by now due to the fact that we are constantly 'on camera'.

8. Let the people share their takeaways with everyone at the end of the session. This will allow them to reflect on what they have learned and gives you valuable feedback.

What has been working for your team or company to keep employee engagement and team spirit up? We would love to hear your feedback.


Katrin Sturm is the founder of The Best Possible You and a leading Personal & Business Growth Coach as well as Startup Advisor.

She draws on her corporate experience of more than 10 years in senior sales and leadership positions mostly in the Tech/SaaS industry as well working with over 1000 startups & scale-ups being an entrepreneur herself for over two years now.

Helping her clients to improve their growth & sales mindset as well as leadership skills to advance their career and businesses further while keeping a strong focus on personal growth and wellbeing, she founded her own business in 2018 with The Best Possible combining her strengths and passion.

The Best Possible You is a company that helps highly-driven leaders and entrepreneurs to take your career and business to the next level by providing you the right

  • insights, tools & expertise

  • personal guidance in form of 1:1 and group programmes

  • a community of like-minded people as well as the right environment and space so with online booster sessions or in-person retreats

to help you become the best possible version of yourself on a 360 degree level keeping your personal growth and wellbeing in mind.

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