7 Ways to Reduce Stress and Slow Down

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

by Katrin Sturm

Most of us live in a busy world where we easily feel overwhelmed with our daily lives. Stress reduction is becoming a more important topic nowadays as our body and mind are not made for such a fast-pace way of life.

Scientists gain more and more insights in what can help us to slow down and reduce stress.

The following is a short summary of the most effective techniques to reduce stress for your body and to slow down your mind.

1. Spending time in nature. We tend to spend a lot of time in offices and cities nowadays. Thus we need to get back to the roots every now and then. Did you know that activities like walking or hiking or similar in nature increases focus and memory by 20%? It improves hormone balance, reduces anxiety and depression and increases stress resistance.

2. Spending time with animals. People with cats or dogs show lower blood pressure and pulse - even in challenging situations. Can't have a dog or cat due to your job or housing situation? Then why not go and volunteer at your local animal shelter or simply join a friend for walking their dog ever now and then for example?

3. Meditation. Calms and clears your mind. Often wrongly mistaken for not thinking anything at all during meditation practice. It's rather observing your mind and becoming more aware of your thoughts. You can also compare it to a clear and blue sky that you cannot see from your viewpoint as clouds and pollution obscure it. Meditation can help you to clear your view and outlook on things. Plus, it slows you down in a busy life style.

4. Yoga. This originally Eastern practices is becoming more and more popular in the Western World too due to their proven positive impact for us. Yoga helps you to slow down, become more flexible, less prone to injuries and diseases as well as embraces your body and mind connection again. If you practice yoga and meditation outdoors, you can even tick two boxes (see number 1).

Outdoor Yoga at Sonnenfels Retreats

5. Do what makes you happy. That could range from cooking to singing or other creative tasks like DIY, gardening, knitting etc. - whatever you are passionate about. It has been scientifically proven to reduces stress, relax muscles and release endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

Switching off on top of the Silberberg mountain

6. Retreat yourself. A retreat - versus a simple holiday with a packed self-organised agenda - is known to be an effective way to actively release and reduce some stress. It's also a great start to begin with any stress reduction techniques (again) and get control (back) into your life. As starting it all off can sometimes be the biggest challenge.

7. Setting priorities and boundaries. Are you one of those people who like to please others while always putting yourself in second place? Then it might be time to rethink what is really important for YOU and set clear boundaries.

I know that integration all or just some of the above into your daily life can sometimes be easier said than done - as I have been there myself. However, a coach could help me personally to gain more clarity in my life and also gain control back again.

A coach can help you determine your values, to start saying no for instance and simply figure out what you personally need to do to live a more fulfilling and less stressful live.

What is your preferred way to slow down? Feel free to check out our The Best Possible You Retreats with Hiking, Yoga and Mind Coaching, which offers you a combined experience of the above.


Katrin Sturm is the founder of The Best Possible You that focuses on personal and business growth.

Katrin is a renowned coach for individuals and corporates specialising in sales and leadership as well as career and personal development. She advises start-ups on their journey to become scale-ups. Katrin also runs retreats with yoga, hiking and mind coaching.

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