3 Tips For Managing Your Virtual Team Effectively In 2021

We’re nearly into month 3 of 2021 and there is still no specific exit date for lockdown to end.

This is stressful for both staff and business owners alike, as it has immensely impacted the way in which we work.

One area that has definitely felt the full force of the impact is team management.

How do you manage a team effectively when people are working remotely?

Here are 3 tips to consider:

💻 Communicate effectively - Use software such as Zoom or Google Meet to host team meetings and video calls, and slack for communicating within the team

📈 Be clear with your vision and goals - Set out your weekly and monthly goals as before, but ensure that every team member knows exactly what their role is

🏠 Be realistic - When people are working from home, distractions and unexpected challenges may arise so you need to be conscious of this.

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About the author:

Katrin Sturm - Founder & CEO of The Best Possible You.

Katrin combines her strengths and passion of developing driven leaders and entrepreneurs in the Tech industry after successfully climbing the corporate ladder for almost 10 years in elite business development, sales and leadership roles in companies like Oracle and Salesforce.

Having been a female leader in a highly competitive and male dominated industry herself, she has a passion to empower female leaders and founders to help them thrive professionally and personally and supports companies to attain a more gender equal workforce.