From the corporate world to starting her own business


Katrin Sturm is the founder of The Best Possible You. She is also a sales and leadership coach, start-up advisor as well as mindset and life coach based in Dublin, Ireland.


After being awarded a double degree in International Business, Katrin started out on a corporate career path.

She climbed the corporate ladder, moving into a management position in her late twenties. Katrin had to learn fast and adapt, and through coaching she found her way to success in multiple senior sales and leadership roles in international companies such as Salesforce and Oracle.


She has also worked for companies like Airbus and DHL in the past. Katrin gained valuable insight into logistics, quality and supply chain management in a manufacturing and service-orientated environment, before moving into the IT industry for most of her corporate journey, working with clients and partners across diverse sectors.


She managed teams of up to 12 business developers and sales representatives in a tech (Saas) business, successfully coaching her direct reports for career development and being known to turning low performing teams into high achievers. 

She always wanted to run her own business and felt a yearning to take on a new challenge, achieve a more flexible lifestyle and help more people to fulfil their true potential.


In truth she was close to burnout herself and had no time or energy to do the things she enjoyed outside of work anymore at some pint.  After going through a growth journey with her own coach pursuing her greater life goals, she decided to follow her heart by putting all of her strengths and passion into a new endeavour.

In 2015, Katrin become a certified Executive & Life Coach at the Positive Success Group in Dublin and in early 2018, Katrin decided to move on from her corporate job as a Senior Sales Manager at Salesforce to found The Best Possible You.

A passion for growing people and businesses

Katrin now combines her corporate experience in sales, leadership and people development in the high tech (SaaS) industry, with her passion for helping start-ups to grow into a scale-up, as well as coaching executives, employees and individuals.

One of her strengths is to get the best possible version out of people and to create a thriving spirit of 'millennial' teams with a proven business impact. Her corporate roles have prepared her for several years to work with start-ups and SMEs by supporting them to grow and scale as an independent start-up advisor.

A native of Bavaria in Germany, Katrin has been living and working abroad in different countries including the UK, France and the Netherlands for almost 12 years.


She has been living in Ireland since 2011, where the international tech hub Dublin is her home, but she frequently travels to Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria for some of her international clients. Being fluent in English, German and French, and a proven track record within an extensive network in Europe and beyond, makes her the right fit for any intercultural and international environments.

In order to get the best possible version out of herself, Katrin also puts a high value on the right body and mind balance. Running, hiking, cycling, reading, travelling, yoga and spending some time in nature and with her dog Brody help her to be at her best.

Katrin knows and understands that the right balance can sometimes be challenging when caught up in a corporate environment and our dynamic world, so she runs The Best Possible You Retreats  to recharge your body and mind, and digitally detox.

She believes that 'if you love what you do, you will never have to work again in your life.' 

Find out more about how The Best Possible You can support you or contact Katrin today.

Degrees and Certifications 
  • Double degree in International Business (German Diplom eq Masters at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut, Germany and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School Cambridge, UK

  • Accredited Diploma of Executive & Life Coaching at the Positive Success Group Dublin, Ireland

  • Certificate in Digital Marketing at the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland

  • Certified NLP Business Practitioner at the Irish NLP Institute Dublin, Ireland

  • Certificate in Career Coaching at PSG Dublin, Ireland​​

E-Mail: katrin@the-best-possible-you.com
Tel: +353 (0) 87 97 62 758 
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