“I believe that only if we are the best version of ourselves, we can also drive our life, career and/or business forward to the maximum level.”

Katrin Sturm, Founder of The Best Possible You



A full complement of personal, business and career development services to help you achieve more success in your life, job and company. Start working to live instead of living to work!

Our founder Katrin Sturm is a leading start-up advisor, business coach and life coach based in Dublin, Ireland, offering a full complement of coaching services to national and international clients.

Katrin is an expert in personal development coaching, career coaching, entrepreneurship and business management, sales training and leadership coaching, as well as personal wellbeing and wellbeing at work.


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Professional coaching services customised to your goals and needs.

Improve your life and prosperity, from personal development through to more specific leadership, sales and business coaching with a 360 degree angle.

COVID-19 offer:

Business Continuity and

Contingency Plan Sessions.

Currently all sessions are held online with business as usual.

Group Coaching

& Consulting

Enhance the performance of your team with group coaching in specialist areas such as leadership, sales performance, time and stress management.

Coaching & consulting packages can be customised for goals and aspirations for your team.

Especially in times of working remotely we need a different leadership style and company culture. 


Katrin runs a variety of  public workshops throughout the year on specialist topics such as improving sales performance,

wellbeing at work, female empowerment and developing (future) leaders.

Current COVID-19 virtual workshops:

remote leadership when working from home, self-care during self-isolation, keeping a positive mindset during a global pandemic crisis, building resilience and embracing change and uncertainty.

Check out any upcoming public events.



Katrin is a confident public speaker and available for speaking opportunities at events and conferences in person and remotely. 


Topics include

the right mindset for success, personal wellbeing and wellbeing at work as well as entrepreneurship, scaling your business and more.

Current COVID-19 topics:

remote leadership when working from home, self-care during self-isolation, keeping a positive mindset during a global pandemic crisis, building resilience and embracing change and uncertainty.

Webinars and Online Programmes

Learn online with Katrin and her team of experts. 

Get support as you start or accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

Our sales programmes will bring you more success at selling your products and services.

Learn the tools and techniques to master a leadership role and lead successful teams - especially when working remotely and in times of crisis.

Also self-care has become essential and vital now during times of Coronavirus.

Check out any upcoming public events.

Retreats & Team Offsites

Individual and corporate retreats/team offsites led by Katrin available in Ireland and Germany and beyond.


In peaceful surroundings press the reset button, relax and rejuvenate and gain new perspectives.


Start working on your personal development or 'on' the business instead of 'in' the business to increase team spirit, performance or drive innovation forward.

our approach

At The Best Possible You, we take a 360 approach to coaching to get the best out of people.

Our founder Katrin is your business, sales, career and life coach in one, using a holistic approach by looking at all aspects of your life to find the sticky spots and get you unblocked and moving again.

Whatever it is that is holding you back right now, the chances are that Katrin has been in your shoes.

Katrin’s own experience of climbing the corporate ladder through multiple sales and leadership roles before successfully transitioning to become an entrepreneur gives her unrivalled insight into overcoming challenges and thriving in life.


Through the right adjustments and personal development, Katrin found a place to thrive in life and business and so can you.


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