Female empowermenT,

LeadershiP And business growth

Get into a growth mindset and unlock the potential for your leaders, (female) employees and thus for the business.

At The Best Possible You, we offer a range of empowerment programmes for your leadership team(s) to help them be more productive, lead with more impact and at the same time become happier employees with a more balanced work life integration resulting in a  proven positive impact in your business.


Our unique 360 approach, which considers personal growth and wellbeing, is based on the concept that change starts with YOU.

We have successfully worked with different departments like sales, pre-sales, customer success, marketing, HR or similar in renowned Tech companies and understand what it takes to attract, develop and retain female talent and leaders in a male-dominated environment.

Thus, we regularly work with employee resource groups and and also provide a confidential and private space for your female leaders to develop themselves.

Virtual Team Meeting


We typically collaborate with major technology companies that show high growth with a fast-pace (nowadays primarily remote) work environment.


Our clients are modern, dynamic, ambitious, and open-minded businesses ranging from bigger Tech corporates, high potential start-ups (HPSUs) and B2B SaaS scale-ups, to early stage and pre-seed, female-led businesses.

We can really add value to your sales and leadership teams and their supporting functions, with our hands-on experience of seeing fast-growth companies like Salesforce grow their sales teams, processes and structure.


We have a proven track record in turning low performing teams into high achieving ones and helping millennials to thrive in management and sales roles as well as increasing employee confidence, productivity and performance resulting in employee retention and business growth.


The Best Possible You has worked extensively with renowned corporate logos down to high potential start-ups and scale-ups in dynamic and fast paced environments, providing a unique 360 approach addressing your personal, career and business growth with a lasting impact and results.


Our empowerment programmes are a safe environment to look at how you work, discuss your challenges, work on specific goals and discuss what changes need to be made to thrive and prosper in business.

With our founder's background in female leadership, we are passionate about empowering female leaders and talent and run programmes specifically designed for a more gender balanced work culture.


For B2B SaaS scale-up companies seeking support and guidance to scale their business further, our founder & CEO Katrin Sturm acts as an independent advisor or board member to help you to effectively recruit, lead and advance sales teams for high performance to take your business to the next level.



Your Tech or SaaS business is growing and to match this growth you quickly need help to structure sales and further scale your customer facing functions.

Our hands-on experience and insight of over 10 years in the tech environment and scale-up culture means that we can successfully advise you on the right structure, processes and best practices to take your business to the next level.

Our founder Katrin Sturm has seen one of the most innovate companies in the Tech and SaaS space grow and scale hands-on in elite sales and leadership positions and knows what it takes to replicate this business model.

is this yoU...?

First investors secured with Series A or beyond

Several employees onboard in your high-potential Tech or SaaS business 

Proven business model

First sales process and structure in place 

Steady revenue and first sales team in place

You are aiming for an (early) exit or want to scale further

then we can help you to:

Secure future funding and cash flow

Hire the right people with the right profile to fuel your growth

Scale your customer facing processes

Optimise your sales funnel and align your teams

Implement the right changes for growth on an employee, process and technology level

Make the right strategic decisions




Work through your companies challenges together with your founder or CxOs with a major spot light on revenue growth and coaching, hiring and scaling your sales team and beyond.



An efficient and fun virtual offsite or team coaching programme for team building, personal and career development, sales coaching and/or wellbeing for your team.


An exclusive circle of ambitious women leaders & executives in

a small setting.

A 6 months empowerment and mastermind programme - ideal for personal & career and business growth - while networking with other leaders in the Tech industry.




You are a large corporate business seeking to improve the wellbeing, performance and leadership qualities of your team.  

At The Best Possible You, we understand the diversity and challenges of the modern corporate environment.

Recognising the dynamic and international nature of business, we offer tri-lingual business services in English, German and French. We have a proven track record of helping multinationals in core markets like the UK, Germany and France to develop high achieving teams.

is this yoU...?

You are a multinational company in the fast growing and dynamic Tech industry or similar?

Your workforce might be made up of several cultures with different languages spoken

Your sales teams mainly consist of ambitious millennials and a younger workforce

You have sales teams and department(s) in place

You have a proper leadership structure in place and constantly develop and hire new leaders

then we can help you to:

Empower (female) leaders and (millennial) employees


Support your team with personal and career development


Prevent burnout among your employees


Hit your revenue targets and / or exceed them


Lead with impact and develop a strong team spirit




We can help your (female) leaders to thrive in their role and ensure a positive impact on your team and your business with with our 1:1 executive coaching services or team and group empowerment programmes.


An efficient and fun team or (women) ERG empowerment programme for personal and career development, sales coaching, team building and/or wellbeing.


An exclusive circle of ambitious women leaders & executives in

a small setting.

A 6 months empowerment and mastermind programme - ideal for personal & career and business growth - while networking with other leaders in the Tech industry.