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Drive your career and business forward by becoming THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU



"We believe that each one of us has untouched potential to become the best possible version of ourselves and be at our best.

Our mission is to help and inspire driven professionals and (aspiring) leaders or entrepreneurs on that journey so that you can drive you career and business forward to a maximum extend”

Katrin Sturm, Founder and CEO of The Best Possible You



The Best Possible You offers an exciting programme of executive coaching services and professional business consulting.


These are designed to help ambitious entrepreneurs, sales and management professionals, innovative start-ups and technology companies to overcome challenges, unlock your true potential, and achieve your version of success in life, career and business.

At The Best Possible You, we believe that change starts with YOU. Be ready to realise that career and business growth starts with yourself and your employees.


Let go of excuses, move from victim mode into becoming the author of your own destiny, and start creating your reality now.


Our unique 360 approach puts the focus on your personal growth and development, to help you discover what is holding you back, change mindset and achieve your version of success.

Through a suite of focused 1:1s, workshops, retreats, business consulting sessions, online coaching and programmes including executive, sales and leadership coaching, The Best Possible You intelligently supports professional lives and career development, impacting individual performance and positive company culture in the corporate world.

Change starts with YOU. Discover THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU.



Bespoke professional services that help (aspiring) leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses thrive.


Are you an executive or professional looking for career development, leadership guidance and support to help you thrive in your current role or start your own business?


Are you an ambitious start-up, scale-up or company passionate about fostering growth and positive company culture through modern professional business consulting and innovative training programmes for you and your team?



Do you believe that change starts with you?


Are you ready to embrace our unique 360 approach that will transform your life, career path and your business?


Do you want to empower your team with a mindset that inspires growth, wellness, positivity, and high performance?

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place.

At The Best Possible You, we believe that change in life, career and business starts with YOU.


But you don't know what you don't know that could advance your career and/or business, while also thriving in your personal life and feeling happier and more fulfilled.

With our support you will become more self-aware, gain clarity and self-confidence for what you want and realise it so that YOU can achieve personal, career and business growth.

Whether you are a high-potential professional seeking career development, an ambitious entrepreneur or an innovative tech company seeking business growth and improved team performance.


Our business consulting and special executive coaching programmes change mindsets and thus change lives, careers, teams and companies - positively challenging you to make a lasting impact and with some fun along the way!


The Best Possible You was founded by Katrin Sturm, a leading start-up and scale-up advisor, growth and business mindset coach, with a background in elite sales and leadership roles.


Katrin brings a wealth of passion, vision and experience to how we do things at

The Best Possible You.

Now join the 1000s of businesses and 100s of professionals in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and as far as Australia and the US who have benefited from Katrin’s experience to take their career and business to the next level and lead happier and more successful lives based on their version of success.

Change starts with YOU. Discover THE BEST POSSIBLE YOU.

"Katrin is truly an amazing coach. A seasoned professional who is incredibly thoughtful, and brings all her experience to the table as an awesome motivator.


Her approach is sophisticated and always manages to bring out the best in you and put you one step ahead of the rest.


I can honestly say that we are genuinely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with and benefit from her guidance, which has put us on a growth path to reaching new heights.


I cannot recommend Katrin enough, and look forward to being able to work with her again in the future."

Christoph, MD & COO at ready2order