"We believe that each one of us has untouched potential within that can be unlocked to become the best possible version of ourselves to drive our career and business forward.


Our purpose is to inspire and guide you on that journey."

Katrin Sturm, Founder of The Best Possible You



Drive your life, career and business forward with confidence and purpose


The Best Possible You was founded by Katrin Sturm, a leading start-up advisor, business coach and life coach based in Dublin, Ireland.

At The Best Possible You, we believe that once you are the best version of yourself, all aspects of your life will benefit.

Our personal coaching and professional coaching services are designed to help you along the journey to unlocking your potential and thriving in your life, business and career.

Katrin has coached over 1000 start-ups and helped hundreds of people in Ireland, Europe and as far away as Australia and the US to lead happier lives, be more successful and fulfil their true potential.


Our bespoke workshops, retreats, online programmes and 1:1 coaching sessions, executive coaching, career coaching, sales coaching and leadership coaching are matched to your goals and aspirations to lead you and your team to success.


Drawing on Katrin's experience in senior sales and leadership roles, climbing the corporate ladder before transitioning into a new role as a full-time entrepreneur and life coach, Katrin Sturm can help you find better ways of living and working because she’s already taken this journey. 



Bespoke coaching services that help individuals, entrepreneurs and companies thrive


Are you an individual, executive or professional looking for support to help you thrive in your personal life or career?


Are you a start-up, scale-up or company seeking professional coaching and training for you and/or your team?



Sometimes you don't know what you don't know.

With our support you will become more self-aware, gain clarity on what you want and what it takes to get there so that You can achieve

personal, career and business growth

See below the many benefits of working with a coach and a company like us



  • More self-confidence

  • More self-awareness

  • To realise your true potential

  • To step out of your comfort zone

  • More self-esteem and self-worth

  • Learn how to say no

  • Take your life and career to the next level

  • Figure out what’s really important to you

  • Decide what your future life looks like

  • Identify a fulfilling job you like and thrive in

  • Slow-down in your daily life

  • Upgrade their sales mindset & sales skills


  • Become the best possible version of You at this point in time

  • Get joy and sparkle back into your life

  • Live a more fulfilling life

  • Live the life you always wanted

  • Make your dreams happen

  • Practice healthy boundaries

  • Gain new direction in your life, career or business

  • Be happier

  • Be simply You

  • Change your career

  • Reduce stress

  • Sell yourself, your products and services better



  • To make more money

  • To reach your sales targets/ coach your sales team to success for the right sales mindset

  • To master solution and value selling

  • work out a business continuity plan for threats like Coronavirus

  • To learn about the most efficient sales techniques and methods

  • Scale your processes and sales department

  • Examine your customer life cycle (management)

  • Be a better, impactful leader

  • Understand how to manage your millennial workforce

  • Develop your employees on a personal and career level


  • Take your start-up or scale-up to the next level by growing it further


  • Become successful so that you can grow and scale your business 

  • Make more sales and revenue by embracing the right sales mindset and become a trusted advisor

  • Sell your product or service to its full potential

  • Thrive in challenging times and react to any unforeseen events effectively by creating new revenue streams and beyond

  • Get your whole sales process performing better

  • Scale up to the next level for success

  • Improve your customer life cycle (management) 

  • Lead with confidence and purpose

  • Manage young teams more effectively

  • Grow your (future) leaders

  • Attract investors and employees 

E-Mail: katrin@the-best-possible-you.com
Tel: +353 (0) 87 97 62 758 
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